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Privacy Policy

This page describes how we collect and use information from visitors to this website.

Personally Identifiable Information:

On some pages on this site, we collect personally identifiable information such as names and email addresses. This information is used to send announcements and other information related to this website to customers and subscribers. It is also used to control access to paid or otherwise restricted content.

Your name may be displayed in conjunction with content that you submit to the site, including blog comments, product reviews, etc.

If this site contains publicly visible profiles, information will be displayed on your profile page according to the privacy settings you select. Your privacy settings also control the display of your profile information elsewhere on the site.

Otherwise, personally identifiable information is never shared with third parties without first obtaining explicit consent for the specific usage.


We use cookies to track logins to the website. We may also use cookies to analyze how visitors use the site in order to improve the visitor experience.

The cookies contain no sensitive information.

Click Tracking:

Links in emails sent from this site may contain tracking codes to enable us to analyze customer response to our communications. Aggregate data may be disclosed to third parties. Personally identifiable tracking data is not shared with third parties without first obtaining explicit consent.