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Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski’s Inaugural Address

On January 4, 2016, the new mayor of Salt Lake City, Jackie Biskupski, delivered the following inaugural address. We were delighted to hear her emphasize so many issues on which we share concerns and interest. We look forward to working with Mayor Biskupski and her administration to improve the quality of life in our capital...
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Salt Lake Tribune wrote:

The arrival of Utah's 3 millionth resident was celebrated Monday in, of course, a hospital maternity unit.

...Utah, which took 119 years to amass its first million inhabitants, is expected to top 4 million in barely another 16 years.

...Another million people by 2031? Where will we put them a...
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Deseret News wrote:

Two years, 400 experts and nearly 53,000 Utah residents went into crafting an expansive "blueprint" designed to guide the state through a near doubling of population by 2050, while enjoying a vibrant quality of life that preserves Utah values.

The blueprint for "Your Utah, Your Future 2050," shepherded by quality growth organizatio...
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Deseret News wrote:

In eight short years, Salt Lake City has gone from Great Recession to Great Renaissance and I’ve played my part in our inspiring transformation. We’ve made remarkable progress, and together we can sustain our upward trajectory as one of America’s brightest stars.

Forging partnerships is the only way to make long-lasting improvement...
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Deseret News wrote:

Utah is among the most industrious states in the nation, according to a new study ranking states by their economic vitality and high-tech performance.

Trailing only North Dakota and Texas in overall economic performance, Utah rated as “the most fundamentally sound state across all identified policy areas.”


The six policy categorie...
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Ben Winslow wrote:

Mayor Ralph Becker and his election challenger, Jackie Biskupski, outlined their visions for Utah’s Capital City in a debate before a crowd of downtown business leaders.

Fox 13’s own Ben Winslow moderated the debate.

The debate, sponsored by the Downtown Alliance and FOX 13, had Becker and Biskupski weighing in on a lot o...
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Thor Roundy wrote:

If you were in the Founders’ Room of the Zions Bank building on June 16, 2015, then you were part of a conversation about transforming the West Side of Salt Lake City. If you missed the meeting, I’ll paint the picture for you.

John Saltas of City Weekly observed that the West...
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The Deseret News wrote:

Utah’s capital is poised to become a “Great American City” if civic leaders take advantage of the potential for development in the current climate of economic prosperity.

Those words from prominent local economist Natalie Gochnour before business and civic leaders Tuesday came as she unveiled the findings of a comprehensive report...
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