Salt Lake STEAM
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Together, Creating the Next Great American City

Salt Lake's TEAM:
Building You

Learn, Grow, Work, and Live

The whole purpose of our vision for Salt Lake City is you.

We're creating a place where people will want to live because everything you want is here, from mentoring to professional development to job placement, opportunities for collaboration, culture and recreation, living spaces designed with wellness in mind, and so much more.


Networking With SLCircle

SLCircle is a local business networking and development organization. The best way to get to know us is to meet at SLCircle events, like our Open Circles lunch and learn every Thursday at the Holodeck in downtown Salt Lake.

Salt Lake STEAM

What is "STEAM"?

STEAM is the popular acronym, "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), plus "A" for the Arts -- core subjects for the complete person to compete in the marketplaces of today and tomorrow.

While not limited to these subjects, we recognize the pivotal role of businesses and communities organized around them in creating the vibrant culture of a Great American City.

A Vision for Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is poised to become the next Great American City, according to Natalie Gochnour, associate dean of the Eccles School of Business. We are a coalition of local business, government, and community leaders and citizens working to make that happen.

As Salt Lake City grows as a regional leader in the Intermountain West, we seek to develop and implement a unified vision that will not only lead to greater success, but ensure that all segments of society share the benefits.

Salt Lake STEAM:
Built for You

The STEAM District

Key to the evolution of the City is attracting the workforce of tomorrow. The area's natural beauty gives us a solid foundation to build on. Now, we're taking the next step.

Plans are in motion to redevelop parts of the City into a vibrant, new community space. We call it the STEAM District for its unique blend of tech, business, the arts, recreational and living facilities, and more.

Photo credits:
• Salt Lake skyline by Garrett
• Career expo by COD Newsroom
• Gateway District by Loozrboy
• Roundtable discussion by Maryland GovPics